Power all your messages with smart, flexible triggers

We handle all the triggers you'll need to create the most engaging messaging campaigns.


Alert your users when specific events occur in your product. Friend requests, tasks assigned, purchase reciepts, etc.


Send users messages based on what users have or haven’t done. Great for onboarding or product education.


Automate the distribution of personalized messages on a regular schedule. Great for daily or weekly activity reports.


One-off marketing messages are vaulable. Send feature announcements, product updates... or anything you want.

InBox by Knowtify

Live notification center in your app

Set up a notification center with a snippet of Javascript and start sending messages to your users immediately.
Make your notification center the most addictive part of your app with InBox by Knowtify.

Powerful features

Flexible triggers
Send friend requests, welcome messages, feature announcements, and more!

Dynamic content
Get integrated with us and send every one of your users unique messages.

Simple message creation
Don't bury messages in your code base. With InBox, you can create and send messages with a simple interface.

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Beautiful emails. Easy to set triggers. No code.

Design beautiful, responsive emails with a easy-to-use interface and absolutely no code. Then set smart triggers so they reach people who matter. Around here, beautiful AND smart aren't mutually exclusive.

Coordinate in-app notifications with
smart engagement emails

No more digging around your code base or hopping around different apps. With Knowtify, you can coordinate in-app notifications with engagement email campaigns from a single platform.

Getting started is easy

And if you need help, we'll provide you with Whatever-It-Takes support.

Install Javascript

And start sending basic messages immediately

Send us data

Use our REST API or integrations to really drive engagement

Set messages live

Create messages, turn them on, and watch engagment soar!

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“Our weekly digests now include personalized insights and near real-time data, and have become one of the most popular product 'features' for our customers. Furthurmore, Knowtify freed the product team to innovate with all brands of customer-facing messaging with no engineering required.”

Daniel Wideman, VP Product Knowledgetree logo

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