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Create and launch notifications easily

Create, launch, and iterate on your messages with a simple interface and stop managing it in your code. And for the first time, marketers can takeover and manage in-app messages without the dev team. Everybody wins!

Go beyond basic messaging

Link users to more than just URLs when they click a message. Add relevant content inside the notification center or even in a modal pop-up* (coming soon). Your in-app messages will feel fast, dynamic, and like part of your app.

Enhance your messages with dynamic media

Add videos, pictures, or animated gifs in the contents of your messages. Enhance onboarding messages, product education videos, or just add some good 'ol fun to whatever you like. And best of all, do this without deploying code!

Report on Engagement

For the first time see how your users are interacting with your notification center and understand how that’s driving overall engagement.

See real-time
user profiles

See how your users are responding to all your messages in one place. And more importantly, add app activity to the activity stream* (coming soon) and get a complete picture of your users' engagement level.

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“One of the biggest challenges we faced after we hit our early customer acquisition goals was... how do we stay top-of-mind and keep our users engaged? Enter Knowtify. Problem solved.”

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